Violence Prevention & 2nd Amendment

In the spirit of upholding the foundation of our great nation, it is imperative that we recognize and respect the Second Amendment, ensuring every law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms. This right, deeply embedded in our history and culture, represents not just the self-defense of individuals but also serves as a pillar safeguarding the principles of our democracy. However, with rights come responsibilities. Our commitment to the Second Amendment should be paralleled by an equally strong commitment to prevent violence and safeguard our communities. Ensuring the liberties of our citizens while preventing unnecessary tragedies is a balance we must maintain.


I will vote for common sense safety legislation that protects our children, our families and our neighborhoods. Universal background checks are supported by most Americans, and I will support law abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right. I support the authority of the judiciary to restrict weapons access to violent offenders, persons on bond, persons who are violently unwell and persons who are under a peace order for domestic violence. We must get ghost guns off our streets, and we should create a retailer code of conduct that will help prevent diversion of weapons into unlawful activities.


With common sense measures, we can address some root causes of violence and provide support where it’s most needed. Together, we can craft solutions that honor the Second Amendment while ensuring a safer, more peaceful society.

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