Foreign Affairs / Israel & Ukraine Wars

Isolationism is not a path to American prosperity but an ill-conceived approach that denies lessons from history and our intertwined and critical role in world peace, order and freedom.


Israel stands as a beacon of democracy and innovation in the Middle East. Our bond with Israel, founded on shared democratic values and strategic interests, goes beyond politics – it is a relationship cemented in mutual respect and understanding. We stand firmly with Israel, not just in its right to exist but in its right to defend itself against threats. In the face of challenges, be they from extremist groups or from those who deny its very right to exist, we must reaffirm our unwavering support. Israel’s security and prosperity are intertwined with the stability of the region and, by extension, the world.


Similarly, Ukraine, a nation that has endured challenges to its sovereignty and territorial integrity, deserves our steadfast support. As they continue to fight for their democratic aspirations and independence, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people. Their resilience against external pressures and their dedication to a free, sovereign nation aligns with the very values that we hold dear. Unchecked tyranny and war crimes committed by Russia will only embolden that nation and other autocracies around the world to seize power at the expense of democracies and freedom.  America must remain the defender for and champion of liberty and justice for all. In championing Ukraine’s cause, we’re not just supporting a nation but an ideal – the right of every country to determine its own destiny free from outside interference. The futures of Israel and Ukraine resonate deeply with our American values, and as they brave their respective challenges, they will always find a partner and ally in us.

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