Our Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens have paved the way for the progress and development of our society. They’ve built the foundations upon which we stand, imparting invaluable wisdom, sacrifices and contributions that have shaped our nation. It is both our moral and social responsibility to afford them the respect, care and support they deserve. I support a holistic approach towards senior care, including improved health care, financial support and opportunities for continued engagement in community activities.


The well-being of our elderly population is not just a matter of preserving Social Security and Medicare, but should include expanded access to medical services tailored for senior needs, ensuring that every senior citizen has access to quality health care without the burden of excessive costs. Furthermore, I recognize the importance of combating loneliness and isolation, and I will propose initiatives to foster community connections and promote programs that encourage intergenerational interactions. Our seniors deserve more than just sustenance; they deserve a vibrant, engaged and meaningful life. Through these measures, we can uplift the quality of life for our cherished elders, acknowledging their integral role in our past, present and future.

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