Securing Our Democracy

I will fight to secure our democracy. The presence of shadow money, rampant disinformation and extreme gerrymandering have resulted in politicians choosing voters instead of the other way around. Political rhetoric has become alarmingly aggressive and intolerant, epitomized by the attack on our Capitol on January 6th. Propaganda from right-wing media has misled numerous Americans with a distortion of reality that is eroding our democracy. We need staunch defenders of democracy in Congress who will forcefully confront extremism, ensuring there is no space for lies and deceit to take root.


I support straightforward voter registration processes, clear voter confirmation of registration status, and unambiguous notifications about polling locations and voting options. Additionally, we need transparency in political financing, and I will back legislation that shines a light on the shadowy funds that distort our political conversations. I endorse federal guidelines on gerrymandering that set representation standards all states must meet.


Together, we can rejuvenate trust in our democracy, serve as a global beacon of hope, and champion peace and prosperity for everyone.

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