A Strong Maryland Economy

As a resolute advocate for a sustainable and prosperous future, I am committed to ensuring America remains a pioneer in renewable energy solutions. By championing manufacturing, distribution and installation of these technologies right here on our soil, we are not just championing jobs but also solidifying our nation’s energy independence. I am fully behind federal incentives for U.S.-made home solar systems, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Such a commitment not only paves the way for widespread adoption but promises long-term savings for American families. It’s an investment in our planet’s future and a legacy for the coming generations.


Furthermore, large corporations, which extensively utilize our nation’s infrastructure – from our roads to our ports, from our financial systems to our postal services – must shoulder their fair share of fiscal responsibility.


In collaboration with state and local leaders, I will support federal initiatives that catalyze economic growth in the 6th congressional district. This includes championing infrastructure development, fortifying our small businesses, uplifting our agricultural sectors, spearheading research and innovation, and transitioning manufacturing towards renewable and sustainable energy solutions and products. Together, we will chart a future that is prosperous and green.

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