Climate Change & Our Environment

Climate change is undeniable, and any debate to the contrary defies reason and logic. We can no longer allow politicians beholden to the fossil fuel industry to hinder our progression towards renewable energy. Instead of basing our environmental standards on nations that may not prioritize a sustainable future, the United States should lead by example, setting benchmarks that inspire other countries.


I advocate for subsidies for home solar systems, hybrid plug-ins and electric cars, provided that the majority of the resources for these technologies are manufactured within the United States. I support wind and solar power generation and endorse research into clean nuclear energy.


While I don’t advocate for an immediate total elimination of fossil fuels, we have an urgent need to reduce our dependence on oil and coal, which are finite resources adversely impacting our environment and future generations. Pivoting our economy away from the dominant oil sector will offer consumers more choices, stimulate economic growth and benefit the environment.


The pervasive use of plastics poses a significant global challenge. Despite their convenience and durability, plastics are wreaking havoc on our oceans and posing health risks. I support the REDUCE Act, which seeks to tax virgin plastic production and allocate the revenue towards developing plastic recycling infrastructure. Additionally, I endorse the Save Our Seas initiatives, which aim to mitigate marine waste and cultivate international strategies for collective action.

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