Honoring Veterans

For generations, brave men and women have answered the call to defend our democracy against threats, both foreign and domestic. The sacrifices made by our service members are profound. The demanding physical and mental prerequisites, coupled with specialized training for cutting-edge techniques and equipment, require our nation’s best and brightest to take the oath of service. Routine duties and deployments place immense strain on our military personnel, and our country has an obligation to acknowledge these sacrifices by offering unwavering support to them, whether in or out of uniform.


I fervently advocate for increased medical support for service members and their dependents, as well as retirees. The distinctive medical needs of our military and their families demand a robust medical corps trained for peacetime and wartime care. Denying retirees access to on-base medical care diminishes a cherished benefit that once fostered a profound sense of gratitude and community among active-duty personnel and retirees, as well as their families. The resulting erosion of this generational culture exacerbates the isolation felt by our active-duty forces, distancing them further from the broader population, which could ultimately impact recruitment and retention.


Our Veterans Administration must be liberated from bureaucratic inefficiencies, challenges in accessibility, inconsistencies in care quality and varied medical facility resources. Continuous congressional oversight of the Veterans Administration is essential to ensure consistent excellence in care and support.


Guaranteeing our active-duty service members are equipped with the finest training and tools worldwide is paramount to remaining the mightiest military in the world.

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