Secure Borders & Fair Immigration

A secure border is not just a matter of national defense – it’s essential for upholding the rule of law, safeguarding our economic interests and ensuring the well-being of our citizens. Securing our borders preserves the integrity and efficiency of our immigration system. Yet, while we reinforce these boundaries, we must remember that our nation has been, and always will be, a beacon of hope and opportunity for many around the world.


A fair immigration policy is one that recognizes the immense contributions immigrants have made and continue to make to our society. It is a system that extends compassion to those seeking refuge and opportunity, while being efficient in its processes. We must streamline our pathways to legal immigration, ensuring that those who come in search of the American dream can do so legally, safely and without years of bureaucratic obstacles.


A sound immigration policy requires well crafted, nuanced solutions that acknowledge the complexity of the issue. I support the expansion of work visa programs and believe that employers utilizing these programs should provide commercial health insurance to their workers. Penalties should be heightened for those complicit in, participating in or enlisting human trafficking services. At the same time, we should grant amnesty from prosecution to victims of human trafficking. Moreover, we must collaborate with neighboring countries to dismantle violent cartels and organized crime enterprises, thereby reducing the push factors for refugee migration.


By creating a fair and transparent process, we will enrich our culture and economy with diversity and talent while making sure everyone plays by the same rules, which in turn will make our nation stronger and more united.

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