Social Programs Support

Social programs were designed to assist American families in need to get themselves up on their feet and improve their lives and the lives of their children. Over the years, these programs have evolved into a way of life, generation after generation with no improvement in their standard of living. I believe these programs must return to their original intent, a way to improve families and provide hope and improved futures with a transitional approach as families gain ground. Abruptly cutting off assistance when someone begins to make progress does not provide the foundation one needs for continued success. I believe as people make gains socioeconomically, we need to continue to provide a path leading further out of poverty and help encourage continued success. I will support providing assistance for Americans in need to help get them back on their feet and improve their  lives, not just maintain them. I will also support free quality job and life skills training, child care assistance and financial support for the construction and maintenance of youth and community centers. We must empower our families to grow and strengthen and we will do this by supporting our families with better schools and more supportive communities.

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